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 If You're Having Pain Or Discomfort With Running, Talk To One Of Our Therapists

Running Analysis

The ultimate special test for runners is running. Often, when runners seek medical consultation, doctors and clinicians routinely neglect watching them run during the rehab process. While it may not always be appropriate to take an injured runner through a formal running analysis at the time of presentation, at some point it’s imperative to take the time to watch them run. Only then will you gain a more complete understanding of perhaps what landed them in your hands in the first place.

A great deal of research has emerged over the past several years specifically looking at various characteristics of the running gait and their associated implications. A few prime examples include but are not limited to footstrike, cadence, speed, and hip to knee angles. 

By taking the time to understand the running gait along with ways to shift loads in the lower extremity, your clinician at ARC will be in a better position to help runners return to consistent training in a timely manner through manipulating physical loads on the body.


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