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Concussion Treatment Has Come A Long Way. Talk To A Therapist Today To Find Out What's New.

Concussion Baseline Testing and Treatment


 Have you or a loved one ever experienced a concussion? What was the treatment afterwards? Were there a series of tests to identify and explain the problems you were experiencing? Unfortunately, concussions (both diagnosis and treatment)  have long been misunderstood. Knowing your baseline is essential in the management of head injury. Baseline testing needs to be conducted prior to injury or at least 3 months following your most recent head injury. At ARC we have been extensively trained and partnered with Complete Concussion Management to help provide comprehensive rehabilitation and testing for return to sport/work/school.


Baseline procedures at ARC consists of 11 different tests that encompass everything from neurocognitive function to short/long term memory to reaction time and many others. By looking at your performance on these tests, we can provide you or your loved one a bit of peace of mind knowing that we will be able to  successfully help you return to sport/work/life in the safest way possible.


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