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Frustrated With Health Care?
We Aim To Change That.

About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

     ARC was founded in 2023 by local physical therapists, Thad Callaghan & Kody Brandt, with patients as their number one priority. It is our mission to provide the best possible care, outcome, and experience you can have. We are a local-family and therapist owned business that is extremely passionate about what we do. We discovered through nearly a decade of experience and trial and error that the traditional medical model doesn’t always meet every patients’ needs. Though many patients are successful in the traditional medical model, there are also many that benefit from having a greater degree of control over their care. With that in mind, we opted to create a hybrid physical therapy model that allows us to contract with many major insurance companies, as well as continue to offer cash pay options for interested patients. This model allows us to provide care to patients interested in using their insurance, as well as provide a greater degree of freedom and access to those who would prefer a cash pay/fee-for-service route. This ultimately leads to more savings, better outcomes, and faster recovery. At ARC we are passionate about and proud of what we do and the services we are able to bring to the Yakima Valley.

Meet The Team

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