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Why ARC?

Why choose ARC Physical Therapy & Wellness for your care?

Not all physical therapy is the same, so we aim to exceed your expectations

All care is 100% one on one

You will spend your therapy time in the clinic with your therapist. You will also be provided with their direct contact information, so when you call or message, you will be speaking directly to your provider.

Sessions are for progressing your program and doing treatment

You will not spend your time doing activities that could be done on your own. Instead, we will teach you what you need to do, and then we will spend time progressing your program and providing the treatment you need.

No referral or prior authorization is required

You do not need to be referred by a physician to be seen by one of our providers. We are a direct access fee for service practice. There are no hidden fees, co-pays, or surprise bills. If you experience an injury, have chronic pain, or you are wanting to avoid injury and are seeking total body screening, you simply select the option and time that works best for you, and show up to your appointment.

Patient centered criteria for success and therapy recommendations

Our focus is on positive patient outcomes. Our decision making is not dictated by insurance company rules or a corporate productivity formula. Our decision making is based on how you are responding to treatment, and if we are reaching your goals. If you are not noticing significant improvements within your first few visits, you will not be encouraged to continue therapy. Instead, we will work with you to help you find exactly what you need to get the results that you want.


Experienced clinicians

There are many sub-specialties in physical therapy. Our clinicians have spent their entire careers as orthopedic physical therapists, and we are confident that through our experience, advanced training, implementation of hands-on treatment techniques and therapeutic exercise prescription, you will feel significantly better and on your way to recovery in just a few visits.

Why choose fee for service physical therapy even if I have insurance?

Just because you opt for cash services does not prevent you from using your insurance. Many insurance providers offer out of network benefits that will allow you to seek re-imbursement for our services. If you choose, we are able to provide you with a detailed invoice that will enable you to submit a claim for re-imbursement. Your insurance shouldn't dictate the care you receive. We believe that you shouldn't have to wait for weeks on end to get into an overbooked practice - only to be asked to come back until your insurance benefits are exhausted - all while you pay ridiculous co-pays even after meeting your deductible. Our goal is to cut out all of the hoops and complexity associated with healthcare and to simply provide the best care and outcomes possible.  

Is this type of physical therapy for everyone?

The level of care offered at ARC is for anyone who values their health & wellness and truly wants to work directly with a professional in an effort to bring about real results that last. 


201 E Yakima Ave, #101

Yakima, WA 98901-2627

(509) 540-3244

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